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Dr. Rick Mangrum – Discipleship Pastor

10511476_10152720417577354_510121740603314057_oDr. Rick Mangrum was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by Broadman Baptist church in 2008 and serves as our Discipleship Pastor. He oversees all Bible Studies, and Children’s, Youth, Men’s and Women’s Ministries. Rick leads the Truth Seekers Bible Study class and preaches on occasion during Sunday Worship.

Rev. Rick, as he is called, works bi-vocationally as an Associate Professor of Aeronautics at Kent State University. He served in the USAF as a helicopter mechanic from 1982-92 and is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot and aircraft Mechanic. Rick has earned a Master’s degree in Natural and Applied Science and a Doctorate of Education in Applied Educational Studies, both from Oklahoma State University.


Rev. Rick is married to Shannon Mangrum, Praise Team Director and Instrumental Ensemble Coordinator at Broadman. The Mangrums were married in 1994.

s answered the call to be Broadman’s pastor on March 16, 2003. Below is some information about our Pastor. But the best way to get to know Chris is to meet him, hear him preach God’s Word and to work side by side with him in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.


ball-red-shiney Ordained: March 18, 2001 — Dual: Harrods Creek Baptist Church of Crestwood, KY and First Baptist Church of New Orleans, LA
ball-red-shiney Licensed: February 7, 1988 – Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Crestwood, KY
ball-red-shiney Born: April 18, 1970; Louisville, KY
ball-red-shiney Salvation: July 3, 1985; Daytona Beach, FL
ball-red-shiney Hobbies: Military History, reading, sports, and family
ball-red-shiney Wife: Shawnetta chris-e-shawnetta-mccombs01-19-10
ball-red-shiney Children: Samuel, Macy Joy and Savannah
ball-red-shiney Master of Divinity, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, May, 2002
ball-red-shiney Master of Public Administration, University of Oklahoma, 1999
ball-red-shiney Bachelor of Arts, psychology, University of Kentucky, 1992
ball-red-shiney Combined Arms and Services Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 1999
ball-red-shiney Aviation Officer Advance Course, Fort Rucker, AL, 1996
ball-red-shiney Aviation Officer Basic Course, Fort Rucker, AL, 1992
ball-red-shiney Pastor, Broadman Baptist Church, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, March 2003 – present.
ball-red-shiney Chaplain, Kent State University Football Team, Kent, OH, June 2007 – present.
ball-red-shiney Pastor, St. Joseph Baptist Church, St. Joseph, LA, July 2001 – March 2003.
ball-red-shiney Minister of Evangelism, FBC of New Orleans, August 2000 – July 2001
ball-red-shiney Chaplain, Louisiana National Guard, August 2000 – March 2003.
ball-red-shiney Counselor, Freedom Counseling, Brookhaven, MS, August 2000 – May 2002.
ball-red-shiney Youth Minister, Zama Chapel, Camp Zama, Japan, May 1997 – December 1999.
ball-red-shiney Military Officer/Pilot, United States Army, June 1992 – January 2000
sq-red-shadedSTATEMENT OF CALL

“I was reared in a Southern Baptist Convention Church. I consider Harrods Creek Baptist Church to be my home church. Despite being churched most of my life, I truly did not come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior until I was fifteen. Shortly after my conversion, I felt God calling me to the ministry. Despite God’s calling over my life, life took me down some different paths, as a result God’s calling to the pastorate in my life took nearly fifteen years to become a reality. I had many ups and downs along the way, but God never gave up on me! It was over those years that God developed, trained and equipped me to be a pastor…even through my many mistakes. As I look back at my calling I can see the evidence of God’s influence and plan throughout my life, and I believe God’s calling over my life has been a continuous surrendering and learning process. I also believe with all of my heart that my life experiences in the ministry and military have equipped me to be an effective pastor. I know where I have come from and where God wants to take me and it is by God’s grace alone that I have received this calling. Therefore, I serve as a pastor today for His glory alone! Broadman has been the highlight of my calling. The Lord has truly blessed me, my family and His Church. I look forward to God’s continuation of His calling in my life and through my pastorate. May God be glorified.” — Pastor Chris McCombs


“The church is built upon the Rock and that Rock is Jesus Christ. It is essential that every ministry be grounded upon the Rock, for Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone. The church is not a building, nor is it about programs. The Church is God’s chosen people who are called to glorify Him as we carry out his purposes here on earth. We are called to serve Him and one another in ministry. Every believer is a minister and every minister has a ministry. Therefore, we are to function as a body by being partners in the ministry with Jesus Christ and one another. (Ephesians 4:11-16, Matthew 28:18-20, and Acts 6:1-7)

“I believe that Broadman Baptist Church is A Church that Makes a Difference because God has allowed us to adopt a biblical philosophy of ministry and put it into practice. Praise the Lord!” — Pastor Chris McCombs


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